Spring Demo Derby

Saturday, June 22nd at 6:30pm


1/2 mile north of Blairstown on County Road V-66

Sign up:

No early sign up necessary. Vehicles need to be at Demo Derby grounds by 5:30pm for sign up and inspection. There will be a $25.00 late fee for cars that show up after 5:30pm.

Entry Fee: $50.00


  • Stock compact

  • Weld compact

  • Mini van

  • Powder puff


  • Ages 5 & under: Free

  • Ages 6-12: $5.00

  • Ages 13 & over: $10.00

  • Pit Pass (any age): $25.00

Concessions, food and beer tent on the grounds


$10,000 PURSE!

New Payouts for 2019


Car Building Weld Class

  • 4 or 6 cyl engines No V8s. No 4x4s.

  • You may weld your frame seams ½” wide from the front to the tranny cross member top and bottom side. No frame seams may be welded behind the cross member. All doors maybe welded solid using only 3/8” cold rolled filler, or up to 3” x 1/4” thick flat strap. Exterior only may be welded. Trunks/tailgates may be welded solid but must have at least a 12-inch square cut in them. Radiator support maybe welded.

  • If you do not weld your doors, trunk, or tailgate you can chain them with 3/8 chain.

  • The cage may be made of no bigger than 6” C-Channel or 4x4” square tubing. You are allowed one dash bar and 2 side bars and all side bars must be at least 10” behind the crush box or firewall. All horizontal bars must be at least 12” off the floor (where your feet are). A halo bar may be ran but it must be ran directly vertical of the back seat bar, cannot be angled. 2 down bars will be allowed but cannot act as a kicker in any way or it will be cut. Sidebars cannot be longer than 60 inches and they cannot go past the backseat body mount. Cage maybe welded to the frame. Any cage parts that strengthen the frame or car will be cut.

  • Bumpers are interchangeable and must be stock appearing. You may make your own bumper. If you do put a point on it, it must be made to be the same dimensions as a Chrysler pointy bumper. Do not make a big wedge on the front. If you have the brackets or shocks you cannot add extra metal. You can weld bumper brackets or towers to the frame. You can weld bumper brackets and shocks to the bumper. You can weld shocks to shock tower. Bumpers must be stock appearing and deemed safe. Only one set of bumper shocks/brackets may be used. Bumper brackets or shocks cannot exceed 12” from the front of the frame. Can only be on one side of the frame. You can weld two 3/8" thick by 4" wide pieces of metal from your bumper to the radiator support. No straps from fender to radiator support. Bumper must be in front of the front stock body mount. The back part of your bumper has to be in front of the stock mount.

  • Rear bumper may have 2 straps from trunk deck to bumper not to the frame. Straps can be up to 4” wide and no more than 5” welded on the bumper and 5” welded on the trunk. Straps may be up to ¼” thick.

  • Only bolted, wired or chained hood. You are allowed 16 total bolts in your hood for your cutouts. You are allowed 8 hood bolts and must have at least 4. You can use up to 1” all thread for your hood bolts.Hood plates cannot exceed 5x5x1/2. Angle iron maybe be used as a hood plate but cannot be thicker than 3/16” and not longer than 5” long. Only 2 of your hood bolts may go thru the frame.

  • Trunk/tailgate must be in stock location. You may fold over 60% of the trunk lid. No sedangoned cars or wedging of sedan trunks. You may run two 1” all thread from trunk lid to frame can be welded to the side of the frame but the other two must go through the body mount hole.

  • Body mounts bolts (consist of 2 nuts, 1 bolt, and two plates) can be replaced with up to 1” bolts and the body mounts can be replaced with steel washers no bigger than 3”. No body bolt can be more than 12” long except 2 of your hood bolts. Body mount bolts must be up inside the frame as factory and body maybe pulled down solid. Used cars that have the washers on the bottom side of the frame must drop the body washer down so we can see inside the frame. Body bolts cannot be welded to the side of the frame. You may add four body bolts. May weld the spacers to the body but not the frame. Bolts may extend through body and have up to a 5”x5”x1/4” thick washer on top but must be removed for inspection if we cannot see inside the frame. Radiator support mounts can be 1” and removed and pulled down solid. You may also weld your 2 front radiator support all thread pieces to the top or side of the frame. You may also weld the front body mount spacer to the frame. No other all-thread may be welded to the frame unless specified. Body mounts cannot be used as a kicker or a wedge. You may cut the excess frame off the front rails but you may not move the front body mount. We must be able to see where your front body mount was on your front radiator support mounts. All body mounts must remain in stock location.

  • Rust holes may be patched with sheet metal only, no thicker than 14 gauge sheet metal and do not cut the rust out. Do not weld at least 2” of the plate so that we can tell how thick it is. Weld only 2 inches past the rust hole. You may also use self-tapping screws to screw a piece in over the rust but this is the only place self-tapping screws may be used on the car.

  • Tie rod ends and rear control arms may be strengthened but must be workable. Tie rod ends must be stock appearing

  • Suspension must be stock height. Leaf springs must be stock. Leaf spring thickness cannot be greater than 5/16” You are allowed 9 leafs maximum, only one extra leaf spring as long as the main but it may not be wrapped to form a double main. Leaf springs must stagger down from longest to smallest leaving a 2” stagger in the back and 1” stagger in the front. No flat stacks or welding of stacks. NO shackle can be bigger than 3” x 3/16” thickness.

  • 6 clamps are allowed per side. Homemade clamps may not exceed 2”x4”x1/4”. You can put spacers in sagging coil springs. You may bolt or wire your coils in to prevent them from falling out. You may loop wire or chain from rear end to frame in 2 spots on each side. No bigger than #9 wire (4 strands max.) or 3/8” chain may be used. You may run wire from frame rail to frame rail in two spots behind the rear end.

  • Springs must be of passenger car origin.

  • Must use the factory lower control arm mounts bracket for front leaf bolts. No short stacks or sideway mounted leafs allowed. You may lightly re-weld control arm bracket seams, but no frame reinforcements.

  • Hardtop cars can weld a strap at the doorpost.

  • May alter steering column.

  • You may cut out wheel wells for tire clearance. Fenders may be bolted with 12 3/8” bolts only. No welding of the cutouts.

  • Must have at least 1 windshield bar in the front windshield for safety purposes. Windshield bar can only attach to firewall sheet metal not to any other bars. Do not connect your bar to your halo bar or roof sign. Your bars must also be at least 3” outside your distributor protector. You cannot run a back window bar at all.

  • Rusty frames maybe repaired with 1/8” metal, 2” past the rust. Leave 1” un-welded so we may see how thick the steel is.

  • Bent Frames: You will only be allowed 4 total spots per frame rail with no thicker than a 1/8” steel and maybe not be any bigger than a 4”x6” piece. You must least at least 2” between the patches. No doubling of patching. We must be able to clearly see the bend or you will cut the patch off.

  • No pinning of the frame. Bolts cannot go thru the frame for chaining or wiring purposes.

  • If we have any suspicion that your car might be illegal we will drill one or more holes in your frame.

  • Distributor protectors will be allowed but only under the following conditions: must be connected only to the engine or tranny. It cannot be any wider than 12”. It cannot come in contact with the firewall, dash bar, or any sheet metal before or after the derby.

  • All fuel lines must be ran inside the car with high pressured lines and deemed safe!

  • There is no frame shaping allowed at all. Do not sharpen the corners of the frame or square them in any way or form.

  • Anything that we, as officials, feel that you have strengthen the car in an unfair advantage, you will have to cut it.

  • Any combination of after market tires/wheels.




Stock Compact /Powder Puff/ Mini Van Rules

  • All cars must be stock and front wheel drive unless otherwise stated in the rules.

  • No welding anywhere unless stated in the rules.

  • 110’’ max wheelbase.

  • 4 or 6 cyl engines No V8s. No 4x4s. No engine cradles. Carb protectors cannot be bolted or welded to the car.

  • All glass, plastic, chrome, air bags and interior must be removed from car.

  • All decking in station wagons must be removed.

  • No split rims or studded tires. Foam filled and stuffed tires are ok.Valve stem protectors are allowed. Only stock wheels. No reinforced or after market wheel.

  • All cars must have working brakes.

  • All trailer hitches and braces must be removed.

  • All hoods and trunks must open for inspection!


  • Motor and transmission must stay same make as vehicle! No swapping 4 cyl into 6 cyl cars.

  • May chain motor and transmission mounts but in no way can it strengthen the frame.NO WELDING OF MOUNTS!NO SOLID MOUNTS!

  • Radiator must be in stock location.

  • May use a transmission cooler but must be mounted in safe location.

  • No protectors of any kind allowed!


  • 4 point safety cage is allowed consisting of a dash bar, rear seat bar and door bars. .If you do not at least have a rear seat bar you WILL NOT run.NO kickers or down bars.Dash bar cannot be against firewall.

  • Halo bar may be ran but must be bolted or welded to the rear seat bar and .Halo bar may only go to floor if car is a hard top (no center roof pillar).

  • NO part of the cage may extend past the rear seat bar with exception of the halo bar for mounting purposes.

  • Must run at least 1 windshield bar, 3 recommended.Bar can in no way strengthen car.NO rear window bars allowed.

  • Batteries must be moved inside car and bolted to passenger floorboard.Battery must be covered and must be bolted in place using steel strap and bolts no smaller than 3/8.No more than 2, 12-volt car batteries allowed.

  • Gas tank may be left under car if it is ahead of rear axle, although it is not recommended.No full size gas tanks inside cars.Recommended that a steel fuel cell be ran inside car and bolted down securely to floor in either rear seat area or passenger floorboards.Tanks must be secured with steel strap and bolted down with bolts no smaller than 3/8 and must be covered.

  • You may run shifter through floor and you may run switch panels.

  • No altering of steering columns.


  • You may run any car bumper but a (Chrysler pointy)! 2nd bumper option- 3”x3” square tubing, ¼” wall only no bigger, cannot be capped on end must see through.

  • Bumpers CAN be seam welded, CANNOT be capped.You may trim ends of bumper but cannot be sharp.

  • NO homemade bumpers!

  • Rear bumper must remain stock or be removed.

  • You may attach front bumpers in ONE of the following ways.1. You may weld OR bolt bumper directly to front of car with no added metal.2. Cars that come stock with bumper shocks may push stock shocks back and can weld bumper to shock.3. Cars that do not come with bumper shocks may use pipe NO bigger than 3” x 3” x ¼’’ wall square tube and can be NO longer than 8 inches to take place of bumper shock.This tube can be welded to the bumper but must be bolted to the car.NO welding of shocks to the car itself, only to the bumper to help keep them on the car.No other types of shocks may be ran.


  • There must be a 1-inch inspection hole behind bumper shock if I cannot see into frame rail.


  • Suspension must be stock and .No clamping of struts or spring spacers.

  • No strengthening of any steering or suspension components.



  • NO WELDING ON FRAME OR BODY SEAMS ANYWHERE!!!!Any welding found and you will be loaded or run weld class.

  • 1 fix it plate will be allowed for pre ran. FRAME RAIL CONSIST OF BODY FRAME RAIL AND SUB FRAME! This will be for rust repair or bent frames.

  • No body creasing anywhere!

  • All thread can go through front cradle mounts or front body mounts from mount up through hood with threaded rod no bigger than 5/8’’.No spacers may be used..Top washers to hold hood down cannot exceed 3’’ by 3’’ by ¼’’ washer.

  • All other hood hold-downs must consist of double-looped 9 wire or single looped chain sheet metal to sheet metal.Hood must be tied down in at least 4 spots but no more than 6.

  • Must have at least one in case of fire.

  • Driver’s door may be welded solid.No other door, trunk, or hood seam welding allowed.You may run up to a 6’’ wide piece of flat strap across driver’s door, not to exceed 4’’ door seams.No other pipes or bars allowed on outside of doors.

  • All other doors may be either 9 wired shut with 2 double loop spots per door seam or 1 single wrap chain per seam.

  • No wedging of trunks.

  • Trunks maybe secured with 6 spots of double loop 9 wire or 4 spots of single loop chain.Must be secured in at least 4 spots sheet metal to sheet metal only.

  • If trunk cannot open for inspection, it must have a 12’’ hole cut in lid for inspection purposes.

  • Stay in your car with seatbelt on, getting out will be disqualification.

  • If you have 2 fires of any kind that need extinguishers to put it out, you will be disqualified.

  • Cars are subject to re-inspection before any prize money is handed out.

  • Driver must wear seat belt, helmet, and some form of eye protection.

  • All drivers must have a number sign 20” x 20" on top of the car and numbers painted 20” high on the front doors.


This is intended to be an easy build class to go out and have some fun without spending weeks in the shop.  Rules will be enforced! 



If it doesn’t say you can do it don’t assume you can.

Call first with any questions.

Judges decisions are final!



Stock Compact

1st place-$1500 + trophy

2nd place-$500 + trophy

3rd place-$250 + trophy

4th place-$150

5th place-$100

6th-10th place-$50.00

M.A.D-$50 + trophy

Weld Compact


1st place-$1600 + trophy

2nd place- $650 + trophy

3rd place-$450 + trophy

4th place-$300

5th place-$150

6th-10th place-$50

M.A.D-$50 + trophy

Mini Van


1st place-$1400 + trophy

2nd place-$500 + trophy

3rd place-$250 +trophy

4th place-$150

5th place-$100

6th-10th place-$50

M.A.D-$50 + trophy

Powder Puff

1st place-$500 + trophy

2nd place-$250 + trophy

3rd place-$100 + trophy




M.A.D-$50.00 + trophy

For more information contact:

Keela (319) 241-4442

Dale (319) 270-0399

Email Dale: dshblt@AOL.com