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About Sauerkraut Days


Blairstown Sauerkraut Days has been held consecutively for the past 50 years. Each year, we strive to add more fun and entertaining things to do for the whole family! 


All of the money raised from this event goes back into the community through donations to youth, elderly, veteran, and school organizations and programs. We recruit organizations to volunteer time during our celebration, and in return we will make a donation to their group. We feel that the youth will gain a sense of responsibility and accountability for the time that they volunteer.


Everyone that is involved in the planning, set-up, working, and cleanup is a volunteer and is not paid for the time they put in. Here are the names of a few of the groups that have benefited from our celebration over the past few years:

  • Iowa Vetran Outdoor Experience

  • Florence Go-Getters 4-H Club

  • Blairstown Community Foundation (Scholarship program)

  • Benton Community High School Vocal Department

  • Blairstown Rec Board

  • Blairstown Lions Club

  • Blairstown Fire Department

  • Blairstown Ambulance Service


… just to name a few.


Your support and participation in our upcoming celebration will once again help us donate to and support the community!

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